Today, e-commerce sites have gathered an unmatched level of knowledge of their customers’ buying patterns, and use that data to optimize the shopping experience. The Walkbase in-store marketing and analytics platform brings the dynamic responsiveness of e-commerce to brick-and-mortar stores today. The platform takes raw data from multiple sources and turns it into actionable analytics in seconds, converting in-store shopper behavior insights into measurable data.
Now retailers can understand how shoppers are spending their time and money in the store, and allows them to deliver offers and experiences on any screen, based on rich online/offline customer profiles and store location. Further, store operations can be optimized based on information gathered about staffing alignment with behavior and dwell patterns.

Case Studies


DUNE London

Walkbase worked with Dune London, an influential global player in fashion footwear to provide the retailer with real-time insights into conversions, customer journey, visit and loyalty patterns and advertising effectiveness. The goal was to improve Dune’s customer engagement and the overall shopping experience within their stores. Using Walkbase, store associates at Dune’s brick-and-mortar locations have learned to shift their attention to customers with actual buying intentions. The Walkbase platform was ideal for the fashion footwear retailer and is currently deployed in all of Dune’s stores and select concessions.


Arcadia Topshop

TopShop, a global fashion and beauty destination, turned to Walkbase with the goal of optimizing their shopping experience in their flagship stores. Walkbase used Walkbase sensors to gather analytics on customer in-store navigation and behavior through customer’s mobile devices. The anonymous and real-time data of customers’ footfall, conversion, dwell times, and customer path enabled Topshop to precisely see the pathways from fitting rooms to checkout. TopShop then correlated this with POS data to give real-time conversion ratios from each fitting room. After analyzing the data collected, Topshop invested in new fitting room technology and increased staffing The Walkbase platform was successfully deployed and configured into all floors of the store including sensor installations in just three evenings, allowing TopShop to quickly implement their solution.

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