In-store analytics and marketing platform for retail

Grow earnings from existing store space


Level the Playing Field With E-commerce

Today, e-commerce sites have gathered an unmatched level of knowledge of their customers’ buying patterns, and use that data to optimize the guest experience. The Walkbase Retail Platform brings the same dynamic responsiveness of e-commerce to brick-and-mortar stores today.


What We Do


Convert in-store customer behavior into measurable data


Understand how customers are spending their time and money in-store


Deliver offers and experiences based on rich online/offline customer profiles and in-store location


Improve performance by optimizing marketing spend, staffing allocations, store layouts and hours

How it Works


Use existing store Wi-Fi or install low-cost Walkbase sensors with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth beacon.


Collect opt-in from customers via customer Wi-Fi or app to enable one-to-one marketing capabilities and multi-channel retargeting.


“Listen” for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sensor signals to locate customers in real-time based on anonymous pings from smartphones.


Use data to personalize marketing in all channels and improve store operations with real-time analytics and reporting.


Aggregate and process the data in real-time over a secure network. Integrate other relevant data sources including: point of sale, people counters, digital signage, CRM/loyalty, web analytics and staffing.

Why Walkbase


Customizable to your business, the patented technology takes raw data from multiple sources and turns it into actionable analytics in seconds

Operational experts

Seamlessly integrated with and backed by the proven success of the STRATACACHE family of digital signage solutions — 2 million+ software and hardware activations, currently running the biggest digital networks for the world’s largest brands

Privacy friendly

Walkbase’s patented hashing method ensures all data is secure and follows the latest privacy laws and guidelines


Walkbase solutions are ready to deploy at scale

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