Walkbase technology

Real-time processing of in-store data

Internet-of-things platform for retail.

The Walkbase in-store analytics and marketing platform is built to be highly scalable, real-time and easy to deploy. This stems from our long experience in building and deploying real-time indoor positioning solutions. Our patented technology takes raw data from multiple sources and turns it into actionable analytics in seconds rather than hours or days. This gives the possibility to act on customer behaviour as events unfold.

Our enterprise grade planning, deployment and monitoring tools gives us and our partners robust and fast installation, and a complete view into the health of all the existing installations and connected data sources. The built-in industry-leading privacy and security features guarantee well slept nights for everyone.

Retail analytics is more than studying what happened, it’s also about acting on what’s happening right now.

Björn Sjölund, CTO

Sensors & data

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth beacons and other in-store sensors

Walkbase supports a variety of positioning and counting technologies, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth beacons, cameras and beam counters. This way we can guarantee best possible precision whether analytics data or real-time location based marketing. By carefully selecting technologies that can adapt to varying store environments we’re able to deliver best in class accuracy, no matter what kind of layouts you might have.

All our in-store technologies are fully integrated with our cloud platform, meaning that there are no middle layers involved. This allows for a streamlined service setup and minimum friction for IT.

In most cases, we are able to take advantage of existing Wi-Fi or people counting infrastructure, making deployments faster and generating additional returns to existing investments. If you already have an existing people counting solution then contact us to find out more.

To dive deeper into the technology behind Wi-Fi based analytics and to learn how it compares to other sources of customer behaviour data, get our free Wi-Fi Analytics Buyer’s Guide

Walkbase Wi-Fi Sensors

Incoming data from existing in-store sources

On top of our integrated sensor hardware, the Walkbase incoming data service is capable of capturing live data feeds from a large variety of 3rd party data sources:

  • Existing Wi-Fi installations
  • Point of sale data
  • People counters
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Weather data

By gathering all the data relevant to your business needs we are able to give you maximum value out of our analytics capabilities. We offer many levels of integration and together we can help you get the most out your existing solutions.

Walkbase works with marketing automation and CRM system providers

Indoor positioning

Accurate indoor positioning

Walkbase has been a leading developer of indoor positioning technologies since 2008, focusing on scalable and real-time positioning solutions. By leveraging our understanding of indoor positioning we’ve built a solution for indoor analytics that is easy to deploy, very accurate and, most importantly, real-time. It works with our sensors and 3rd party Wi-Fi network providers. 

The key to a scalable positioning platform is making sure that it works in varying environments and is able to handle potentially severe signal distortions. Our positioning platform also automatically detects and adjusts for changes without requiring constant recalibration.

Installations are as easy as plugging in a sensor at an agreed location or marking where an existing access point is located. There is no need to perform extensive on site calibrations, making deployments very efficient.

Walkbase accurate indoor positioning

Real-time processing

Real-time insights and engagement

Consumers are increasingly demanding instant shopping gratification anytime anywhere. In-store digital marketing is struggling to offer the personalisation and immediacy that online retailers have been able offer for years. Moreover, stores are rapidly being equipped with multiple sources that collate real-time data. When you multiply this with thousands of customers per day in every store, there is a huge amount of data to crunch through. Many existing retail data management systems are unable to process this.

The Walkbase analytics platform is built for lightning fast performance and industry leading accuracy. By having a real-time platform you’re able to react to changes as they happen rather than read about them later. It allows retailers to get informed of customer behaviour patterns real-time, and then react and engage immediately to create truly personalised customer experiences.

API’s and SDK’s

The entire Walkbase platform is built on top of our own public REST API’s, meaning that what we have got you can get as well. Our main focus is on delivering the mission critical metrics that you use to run your business -- how you want them delivered is up to you.

Walkbase engage offers an SDK for developing mobile apps that are connected with the Walkbase engage platform. This adds all the indoor location capabilities to your app you’ll need, covering both Android and iOS. Engage allows you to set detailed rules on which types of engagements you wish to trigger, to which customers, when, and at which location. The Engage dashboard will keep you up to date with how your campaigns are progressing.

Walkbase mobile ad


Powerful deployment and admin tools

Walkbase has created an enterprise grade deployment and monitoring tool for streamlining the adoption and use of the Walkbase solution. The tablet and desktop optimised tool offers full control over all your installations and delivers advanced monitoring and reporting services that are required for 100% service up time.

With the deployment tools you’re able to:

  • Plan and prepare large installations with the mapping tools
  • Monitor existing installations
  • Perform updates on sensors
  • Manage beacon installations
  • Manage 3rd party integrations
  • Control user permissions
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Track support tickets
  • Guide support engineers remotely

World-class privacy protection and security

Walkbase’s development has always been based on maintaining very strict privacy standards at the core of the product - ensuring improved, enhanced and secure shopping experiences. Walkbase is a founding member of the Privacy SIG, abiding by some of the world’s strictest privacy standards.

All device IDs are hashed at the sensor level with a patented method, even before passing to the network, unless they are on a specific exception list due to a consumer opt-in for marketing.

Similarly, beacon control and security is built in to the Walkbase architecture, ensuring 3rd parties do not “hijack” a retailer’s beacon network. This proprietary beacon security technology guarantees our clients have full control of their beacon infrastructure


Walkbase provides a retail analytics solution for improving the impact of marketing on physical stores and personalising in-store shopping experience.