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Walkbase announces three of the UK’s top grocery chains are now using its in-store analytics to improve shopping experience

Analytics and marketing platform for retailers and airports announces rapid growth in second quarter, including its first roll-out deal with a retail chain in over 100 stores

Helsinki - July 22, 2015 - Walkbase, the provider of in-store analytics for airports, malls and retail stores, today announced the continuation of rapid growth in Q2, resulting in a record number of roll-outs of its solution in more than 200 retail stores during the first half of 2015. Walkbase is expecting to more than double its expansion during the latter half of the year.

“It’s fantastic that three of the UK’s top five grocery chains are now using our solution”, said Tuomas Wuoti, CEO of Walkbase. “Brick-and-mortar retailers are often tied to lengthy property leases, making the optimisation of layout of existing stores pivotal to success. Through real-time customer behaviour analytics in physical stores, retailers are now able to optimise and commercialise their stores in new ways, to boost revenues and prevent closures.”

In-store data sources have traditionally been limited to point-of-sale data and door counters, while expensive one-off studies have been set aside. Many physical stores are blinkered in their efforts to try and understand customer behaviour in-store. Getting in-depth insights has required heavy customer behaviour studies, often requiring a tailored and very expensive approach to data analysis. This has made it slow to react to changes in day-to-day store operations and marketing, and is often unattainable for specialist retail needs.

By deploying Walkbase Analytics, retailers are able to take a new, data-driven approach in optimising their stores and marketing real-time - layouts, assortment, merchandising, window marketing, and campaigns. This helps retailers create a seamless shopping experience for customers as well as increasing their competitive edge in a crowded market.

Wuoti continued: “We have practically reinvented the way conversion is being measured on the high street. We can detect in real-time how many people are passing by, how many enter a store, where they go, how they are engaged, and most importantly how many end up buying. This essentially revolutionises the way high street stores can be managed.”

Walkbase Analytics takes advantage of stores’ existing Wi-Fi and other in-store technology to provide detailed information on customer’s behaviour in physical stores, real-time. This enables retailers to plan and evaluate how their business is affected by changes in format and merchandising, and how events and campaigns drive footfall and loyalty. 

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About Walkbase

Walkbase is the leading in-store analytics and marketing solution for retailers, which is helping the high-street “dinosaur” bite back. Just like web analytics platforms have revolutionised the online shopping experience, Walkbase provides the same level of personalisation to brick-and-mortar stores through smartphone engagement.

Based on indoor location technology, the platform provides real-time analytics on customers’ habits so the same level of personalisation can apply in brick-and-mortar as it does online. It analyses in-store customer patterns, measures and optimises the impact of marketing on physical stores, engages customers with personalised in-store marketing, and links the online and offline customer journeys together.

The cloud-based Walkbase platform combines Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and camera technologies, and takes advantage of existing store hardware. Founded in 2010, the company is headquartered in Finland, with offices in Helsinki (FIN), Turku (FIN), London (UK) and Bern (Switzerland).


Walkbase provides a retail analytics solution for improving the impact of marketing on physical stores and personalising in-store shopping experience.