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Walkbase operates at the forefront of brick-and-mortar retail analytics and marketing. We provide retailers a leading platform for real-time analytics on customers’ in-store browsing habits, and combine this data with online and loyalty profiles. We then enable retailers to engage with their loyal customers with personalised in-store marketing, and to turn physical stores into digital advertising space.

To make this happen, we work in close partnerships with leading companies in their respective industries and geographies. Read further to learn about the types of partnerships we are looking for.

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We are constantly looking for partnerships that help us improve our customers' business.

Tuomas Wuoti, CEO

Reseller Partners

Managed Wi-Fi

By partnering with us, providers of Wi-Fi solutions get a complete package of wifi-based indoor positioning and analytics capability with best-in-class accuracy. It is ready to be offered to their clients as an add-on feature, with instant access to the Walkbase retail analytics dashboard.

Our Wi-Fi partners have proven our analytics to substantially improve the return on investments that their clients make on in-store and public Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Walkbase co-operates with Wi-Fi technology providers

Footfall and People Counting

Leading footfall and people counting providers seek to complement their offering with modern wifi-based counting. This enables them to offer their clients real-time data on in-store customer behavior such as paths, conversions, dwell times and repeat visits.

Our lightweight, yet robustly scalable platform enables a whole new dimension to generating insights on how we all behave in stores before going to the register or out of the door.

Footfall analytics dashboard view

Other reseller partners

We also work with several other types of resellers, including:

  • In-store technology vendors
  • Systems integrators and core retail system providers

  • Agencies and consultants
Smartphone app developers
Walkbase technology for partners

Solution Partners

Digital Signage

We work with digital signage in both analytics and in-store customer engagement. We are able to integrate accurate, real-time analytics of how screens engage customers, and what these customers did before/after encountering the signage.

We can also use both anonymised segmentation data, as well as opt-in loyalty customers’ profile data to trigger and target content to be displayed at any given moment.

Digital Signage

Web Analytics

The ability to bring together customer behavior data from both web stores and physical stores is the critical prerequisite for creating truly omni-channel customer experiences. We work with several web analytics platforms and insights/optimisation consultant companies to make this real for an increasing number of retail chains.

Footfall analytics dashboard view

Point of Sale

Sales transactions are obviously the goal for any retailer. However, sales data alone only covers those customers who actually complete a transaction, and thus leaves retailers without insights on browsing customers - potentially a large proportion of all visitors to their stores.

We work with POS systems and providers to integrate in-store behavior patterns and transaction data, to provide a full range of analytics and conversions to base their decisions on.

Walkbase works with point-of-sale system providers

CRM & Marketing Automation

CRM and marketing automation software are the engines of modern marketing and customer engagement. We work with CRM and MA providers to incorporate critical in-store behavior data & insights to rich customer profiles. Furthermore, we allow marketers to trigger engagement and build digital in-store campaigns based on customers’ position and behavior while they visit a store.

Walkbase works with marketing automation and CRM system providers
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Walkbase provides a retail analytics solution for improving the impact of marketing on physical stores and personalising in-store shopping experience.