Walkbase Dinos conquer Times Square, NYC, next Tuesday!

Elina Saarenmaa

Taking a photo of Walkbase Dinos

Photo credit: Samuli Pentti

This year Slush was again much bigger and better – as it is every year. For the 5th year in a row we partnered with Slush and what an amazing time we had.  

Our wi-fi data detected +24k unique devices over the course of 2 days, including the legendary after party! It also tracked 4 different coloured dinos, whom you were also able to spot from the dino radar at our booth. 

Apart from all the interesting Slush talks, buzz and happenings, we had a lot of things going on at our booth, too. We had our own competition going where we challenged conference delegates to find and take pictures with our dinosaurs. The idea was to share the photo in the preferred choice of Social Media, either on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #walkbasedino and #slush16.

We were overwhelmed by the amount of great photos we got as well as the amazing feedback and all those lovely messages of yours! After going through all the pictures in Social Media it was impossible to know who will get her/his face on the Times Square Billboard, New York City. Lady Fortune’s smiled on two pictures this time.


Aaaand the winners are: 

This lovely lady spreading the #dinolove!

Keep calm and hug a dino


Aaaaaand this Mister with a more scared face!

Winner of the Dino Awards

These two superstars will get their faces on Times Square billboard, New York, next Tuesday (13th of December)!

So how is all this possible? Well, we just happened to be lucky earlier this autumn and we won 60 seconds of fame on Times Square provided by the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce (FACC)

We greatly appreciate this opportunity by FACC. It is great to be able to tell more about our brand to the US audience, especially after our recent expansion to the US market. On top of that, we are happy to extend our seasonal greetings to a larger audience with Christmas and New Year approaching in New York. We would like to wish you all happy holidays and spread out our #dinolove to the whole wide world! 

If you happened to miss our dinos, we would like to share some of the coolest #slushmoments with you too:

Finding a red dino!

Who wouldn't take a pic with a dino? Dinos felt loved!

Dino love is in the air

Feel the #dinolove!

Slush volunteers feeding dinos

Dinos were well fed with Slush volunteers!

Dinos got lots of kisses

Dinos got lots of kisses at Slush!

Dapping with a dino

Some cool moves.

Yuliya was lovely

Yuliya was lovely! 

good posing

Great posing and a fantastic photo by Samuli Pentti.

Dinos and other friends

Walkbase Dinos made some new furry friends! 

Walkbase Dino Team

#Slush16 was a blast – Well done Walkbase Dino team!  

Michael Monroe greeting the dinos too!

At the end of the busy day, Team Marketing is smiling due to a successful social media campaign and after meeting a Finnish rock star, Michael Monroe, who came to take pictures with our dinos.



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