The new mobile experience at Adobe Summit: personalisation, hyper-localisation and analytics

Adrian James

This year Walkbase will be supplying Wi-Fi Analytics and Beacon technology for the Adobe Summit at London’s Excel Centre. It has been an amazing project to be part of, Adobe really knows how to put on a show and this year’s event promises to be the best yet. We will be presenting alongside Premier Inn, the combined Adobe and Walkbase offering at the Summit’s Mobile Development and Marketing track in the session 'Deconstructing the new mobile experience: personalisation, targeting, push, hyper-localisation, analytics and a whole lot more!' (Session MO01). Make sure you sign up on the App (available on the Apple App store and on Google Play NOW) to book your place at the session! 

What's it all about?

We have been working with Adobe to provide three different solutions to enhance the delegate experience and deliver detailed visitor analytics data during the event itself. This will enable Adobe to step further ahead in terms of the delegate experience, and also to improve all aspects of the event  for 2016 & beyond – based on real delegate movement data. 

Working closely together with Adobe and their event App developer Coverall Crew we have looked at how the visitors would like to interact with the vast space that is the ExCel centre in London. To assist the delegate in finding where they are and how to get to a session, partner stand or food and beverage area, we brought in a map section to the app. Using the existing event Wi-Fi and the Walkbase indoor positioning solution we triangulate the visitors' whereabouts and provide the location data for the App to display all the delegates' location on the map. 

We have also worked with Adobe’s Test and Target App team to build in Bluetooth Beacon push messaging. Using the Wi-Fi data to understand where people are and how they behave (i.e. paths, dwell times, etc.) Walkbase can use this data together with Adobe’s Test and Target App solution to provide a rich tailored app experience, pushing the right content to the user when triggered by a Walkbase Beacon. At Walkbase we have integrated our Bluetooth beacon solution to the Wi-Fi data to solve the issues related to limited analytics capability of beacons, and also beacon battery life (they normally go dead after a year). By combining integrated Wi-Fi analytics data we can use beacons to trigger relevant content, based on the rich data it gives us about how people move about at the event. 

The final part of the jigsaw we are providing to Adobe Summit is the ability to understand visitor behaviour. Using the data collected from the Wi-Fi Access points on where the visitors are we can help Adobe understand the popularity of areas like their Food and Beverage sections, Sessions, Meeting rooms, Main stages, etc. (examples taken from the SLUSH event in November in Helsinki).

Area visits at SLUSH (there can be multiple visits from a visitor)

The popularity of the areas of the exhibition by day (from SLUSH)

The popularity of the different stages by hours (from SLUSH)

Most common paths taken at the exhibition

Meet us at Adobe Summit

At Walkbase we are very proud to be supplying the technology to make this possible and would love to see you at the Adobe Summit. We will be at the Summit, please contact us or email myself, Ed or Marcus who will be pleased to show you what we are doing at the Adobe summit and how we help retailers, airports, hotels and other businesses understand what goes on in their physical spaces and what drive them.

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