Nokia’s Tablet Release and Spotify Keynote Among Top Crowd Magnets at SLUSH 2014

Jarno Marin

Photo credit: Sami Heiskanen

The SLUSH 2014 event 18.-19. November at Helsinki once again gathered together a huge party of interesting start-ups, international investors and media. 

Walkbase’s indoor analytics solution was running during the event, collecting data on visit patterns such as the number of visitors, typical paths and the popularity of different zones and keynote presentations.

During the event, Walkbase Analytics identified altogether 18882 unique visitors with wifi enabled devices. 70% of them visited on both days, and spent an average of 3h 13min at the event per visit.

The entrance area including the Red Stage was clearly the most popular area, while the Silver Stage was able to attract people for the longest average time. The largest amount of movement took place between the Silver and Black stages.

Interestingly enough, the peak of lunch eaters occurred about an hour later on Wednesday compared to Tuesday. Perhaps the SLUSH after party – itself peaking at 4200+ visitors on Tuesday 11pm – had and effect on people’s appetites the next day?

Perhaps the most interesting figures to look at, though, are the keynote presentations and popularities thereof. Naturally, the opening keynotes and closing session with the SLUSH 100 Finals were among the most popular. Yet, beyond these, we did identify Nokia’s tablet release and the keynote by Spotify drew top crowds at Silver and Black stages, respectively (see figure below).



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