Why Every Visit Counts in Bricks-and-Mortar Retail

Juha Mattsson

Introduction to the in-store sales funnel

According to Nielsen study from last year people visit physical stores less than before. But when they do visit, they are ready to spend more money than ever. This means that retailers have fewer but more valuable chances to interact with their customers.

Customers demand a better and more personalised shopping experience that is consistent through all shopping channels: in-store, web and mobile. In this new omni-channel shopping environment, bricks-and-mortar stores are struggling to match the customer experience of other channels.

Through analytics and iterative development, online stores have gathered an unmatched level of knowledge of their customers’ buying patterns and habits. With the help of advanced analytics and A/B testing, the shopping experience has been developed and optimised to activate and maximise buying online.

Modern in-store analytics helps retailers to make more out of every store visit

In bricks-and-mortar retail, fewer tools have been available for analytically enhancing the shopping experience. Retail giants have been investing a lot of effort into making use of transaction and loyalty card data to gather insight, but specialty retail has often lacked the capability to do so. With advanced in-store analytics, bricks-and-mortar retail can turn a page and truly start to challenge other shopping channels by enhancing the unique experience that actual, physical stores can provide.

Introducing the in-store sales funnel

Interested to learn more about how modern in-store analytics and data collection technology can drive business performance in retail? We just published a whitepaper called “Introduction to In-store Sales Funnel”. By reading this whitepaper you will:

  • Learn why the ever-growing eCommerce is affecting consumer behavior and shaping the business for bricks-and-mortar
  • Understand the advancements in in-store analytics and how this new type of data is refined to enable improved decision-making
  • Learn how this refined information can be utilized to deliver quantifiable business value

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