We are growing – a new, cool office in Turku!

Elina Saarenmaa

At Walkbase, this autumn has been very interesting for us. Our team is growing fast so we moved to a new, bigger office in Turku, Finland! 

Normally we talk about in-store analytics and insights, but in this blog post we wanted to give you a little insight into the everyday life at Walkbase and our new office. Last week the marketing team visited the new Research and Development office in Turku to see the office for ourselves and what makes working there so fun.

The office is centrally located inside the Electrocity building, right next to the station and was a breeze to get to. The new Electrocity office building contains other innovative tech and design companies. There’s also a nice colourful (pink!) café and a lunch place downstairs. The atmosphere feels very fresh and inspiring. 

Though our developers prefer (FC) Kebabs instead! On our way to lunch.

On our way to lunch

The new office has much more room to grow and a very cozy atmosphere for creative processes. 

As you might know, Walkbase was founded in Turku (Åbo in Swedish), Finland in 2010. The company was originally a spin off of Åbo Academi’s university project. Ambitious research and development activities in 'Internet Of Things' (IOT) were the basis of the Walkbase we know today. With our technology, Walkbase enables a legion of new IoT products and services to make everyday lives more convenient.

The biggest meeting room for all innovative meetings! 

Walkbase Turku meeting room

A few smaller booths to make phone calls or have one-to-one meetings. 

Walkbase Turku phone booths

From our morning meeting with peppy-Olle. 

Happy looking engineers!

Over 25 people are working in Turku office now, but luckily there’s still room for us, Helsinki-visitors too, to pop by. As big ping-pong fans, we were very impressed with tech guys’ innovation – How cool is this?! 

We had a fun day in the new office and a good ping-pong match too. At Walkbase, we are expanding rapidly and this new office represents the dawn of another exciting chapter of our growth. 


Walkbase provides a retail analytics solution for improving the impact of marketing on physical stores and personalising in-store shopping experience.