Walkbase to partner with Samsung for a second year running at RBTE in London

Elina Saarenmaa

Walkbase to partner with Samsung for a second year running at RBTE

Are you also getting ready for the Europe’s biggest and fastest growing annual event for retail and hospitality? We are very excited to see what this year’s Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) will bring and present at London Olympia on 9th – 10th March. 

Last year, we presented live data of the event for all the visitors in association with our partner Samsung. This year expectations and opportunities are high, and we have planned something new and exciting to demonstrate.

Wi-Fi analytics to boost in-store advertising

“After launching the innovative Augmented Advertising solution bringing live customer behaviour analytics to digital signage in September 2015, we are already seeking a new innovative application”, tells Adrian James from Walkbase. He continues: “At RBTE, we will be demoing a solution where our indoor positioning and analytics will be used to locate Samsung’s smart watches which retailers can use in real store environments.” 

At RBTE, we will showcase the Augmented Advertising solution for retailers, in association with Samsung. This technology transforms how retailers, particularly supermarkets and shopping centres, can operate in-store advertising and sell it to retail brands. The platform anonymously analyses customer behaviour, such as paths customers take and what they look at, through Wi-Fi signals from customer smartphones. This data is then used to sell advertising on digital signage in-store based on the profiling information, giving control back to the retailers on how they sell their digital media. Platforms such as this are vital as the high street continues to look for ways to enhance the consumer experience.

New tech is on the way

At RBTE, Sophie Sheppard from Samsung is keen to see the new technology: “In the future retailers will be able to optimise staff rotas, track employee location in-store and direct store associates to attend customers based on sending real-time data to Samsung smart watches. It really is exciting and I’m looking forward to showing this to our customers at this year’s RBTE show”. 

It sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it? The same technology can also be used for tracking assets like shopping trolleys. Hope you are as excited as we are, and we hope to see you at the Samsung stand #420 where we can chat more about new innovations. 

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