Santa’s sack is full of ... IoT for Retail this Christmas!

Ed Armishaw

Well it’s that time of year again! It’s the start of October and I’ve already seen mince pies and advent calendars on sale in several local supermarkets for a few weeks – I guess that means retail has decided it’s Christmas time once again. With as much a huge chunk of annual retail sales being made in the last couple of months of the year, can you really blame them for trying to get a jump on the competition a little earlier each year?

Fast forward for a minute to October 2026

In 10 years time will we be sitting here reminiscing back to those days when stores didn’t stock Christmas merchandise all year round? Quite possibly if this trend continues. As a company headquartered and founded in Santa’s homeland (did you know that Santa comes from Lapland, Northern Finland?) we thought it was high time we got our heads around this Christmas business, for our retail friends around the world. So back in July we sat down and asked ourselves a key Christmas question – “How can we help retailers better understand their Christmas performance this year?”

What would you like to know?

A simple question but one that has led to some serious head scratching amongst the Walkbase Insights Elves, and which led to 5 more questions – luckily ones we can handily provide answers to:

  1.     Are customers first time visitors or have they been in one of your stores before?
  2.     How long do they spend in your store on each visit?
  3.     How many customers who walk past your store see your Christmas display and come in?
  4.     What % of people actually buy something?
  5.     When it gets busy, can you rota enough staff to meet shopper’s demands?

Now none of these questions will be news to any retailers reading this, but as it’s Christmas we thought it was time we put our money where our mouth was to help provide some answers.

What you will get? 

So without further ado I’m delighted to announce that Santa has loaded up his sack with Walkbase goodies this Christmas season! Starting from 1st of October we’ll be offering the following:

  • FREE Walkbase IoT Retail Analytics platform in your stores this Christmas period*
  • Guideline for Christmas 2016 – focusing trends we've seen with Walkbase data 
  • Retail Analytics Report of Christmas 2016, a wrap up of your peak season

What do I have to do to sign up for this awesome set of “Walkbase Christmas goodies?” Well that’s easy – Register HERE to get started with Walkbase Christmas! 

That’s it for now folks, it’s far too soon to wish you a very Merry Christmas, that can wait until another blog, so let’s just say,

Happy Trading! – May your customers be delighted, and your tills ringing this Black Friday and Christmas!


* using your existing access points to collect data from your store


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