Retailer, how do you catch your customer’s attention?

Elina Saarenmaa

Liquid consumers

The line is blurring between online and in-store shopping – customers buy both online and offline. Retailers need to consider omnichannel strategies to connect with their clients better. Regardless, retailing today is more about the customer experience than it is about anything else. 

Marketers are competing for the attention of retail clients within an increasingly competitive field. The challenge is that customers seem liquid nowadays, and their attention is hard to catch.

How retailers understand today’s consumers

Consumers are hybrid, with multiple interests, changing habits, shifting loyalties and random preferences. To some extent, this Liquid Consumer has always existed. Nowadays, there are just more ways to stimulate and influence the customers. 

This Liquid Consumer is spending more time in a customised IoT environment, where advertising is mingled together with personal messages. Beacon-based mobile messages or targeted advertising via screens provide personalised product messaging and other offerings. 

To understand your customers’ behaviour better, you need to know a lot about your customers – when they visit your store, where they go inside of it and what they end up buying. Analysing customers’ behaviour can be as easy and effortless in offline as it is in online.   

What are your assets as a retailer? 

As a successful brick-and-mortar retailer, you need to be aware of current IoT retail trends. What never goes out of fashion, is that you need to understand your customer niches’ interests and values. Of course, you also need to acknowledge your values and stand up for them. 

With the help of evolving technology, it is easier to start and maintain a personal connection. By addressing very specific audiences with specific messages, you can build up a relationship with your consumers and enhance your brand. Demanding and conscious consumers place more attention nowadays on what and from where they buy – people still want to know and buy from people who they feel are doing things right.

The current trend in advertising combines the rationality of technology, sustainable products and values with emotionality creative storytelling. People love good stories –  and good stories sell. To be able to tell more good stories, you should learn to know and love data too.  


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