Modern In-store Marketing Infrastructure

Tuomas Wuoti

Last week we covered the technology fundamentals of in-store personalisation: identification, location-based triggers, rich customer-data integration, smartphone & apps and automation.

Even though this list of mostly technical terminology may seem tedious to some of you, I still recommend you to check it through. After all marketing is getting more and more technical all the time. The above list of technology terms is a very good starting point for marketers to understand the modern possibilities of in-store marketing. So go ahead and check the more detailed explanations of technology fundamentals.

Analytics: the starting point for modern in-store marketing

I know that after picking up the basics of in-store technology, you need a more concrete example of how a retailer actually starts developing its personalisation capabilities. This example is a very simple walk-through of the way we guide those retailers that haven’t implemented any retail analytics technology yet. An appropriate analytics solution is the basis of any modern in-store personalisation project.

It is recommended that retailers, who have not yet implemented any mobile technology-based in-store personalisation processes, set up a Wi-Fi-based in-store analytics system. This will help to identify the behavioural patterns for each customer from visit to visit and for multiple locations. It will also serve as a basic set-up for location-based triggers. It will help to make customer data richer using behaviour-based metrics and also it will reveal much about how well the current activities are serving each individual.

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An in-store analytics solution will serve as the first step for in-store personalisation because it makes the identification of the situation of each customer automatic, even though the delivery is done via sales staff at this point. An appropriate analytics solution should, as well, provide the retailer with tools to ease the analysis of customer behaviour and thus increase the level of personalisation.

Wi-Fi-based in-store intelligence solutions can be applied on top of an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure so in many cases there is no need for additional hardware and deployment is fast and easy.

Walkbase Analytics provides retailers with the appropriate technology setup to reach this level of in-store personalisation. Feel free to contact me in case you have any questions regarding our analytics technology and its further applications.

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