Live from Adobe Summit: analytics on-the-go

Katerina Bukhvostova

It has been a great opportunity for us to be a part of this year’s Adobe Summit in London and be able to provide three different solutions for enhancing the delegate experience. The Summit attendees could see their real-time whereabouts on the map, receive personalised messages on the mobiles triggered by beacons, and easily assess the “crowding” situation by looking at the heatmap of the venue. 

We are excited to share some of the fresh data findings from the event including the amount of visitors, their dwell times, popular zones and much more. Check below some snapshots from the Walkbase Analytics dashboard, giving live data on how the event is unfolding.

The first graph shows the total amount of visitors entering the ExCel site per hour. As we can see, the most active "rush in" was on the 1st day between 11-12. 

This one's a the In-store sales funnel, which is a standard on the analytics dasboard, showing conversions from passersby to site visits to engaged visits (and transactions, if relevant).

The heat map (also featured on the Adobe Summit app) brings analytics to life by showing the number and distribution of visitors at any given time. Be sure to check this heatmap video displaying crowd movement during the 1st day.

And here's the data on the Adobe stand visitors, with a total of 2764 visitors observed so far (by 12pm the second day).

We'll keep updating this blog with new content so be sure to come back in a few days!


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