It's election season - so here's why you should vote for Walkbase

Ed Armishaw

As an organisation headquartered in Finland, and with lots of customers, and of course an office in the UK, we at Walkbase could hardly fail to notice that it’s election season at the moment in both countries (and across much of the rest of the world too). The Finn’s are in the process of sorting out a new government following an election last weekend, and of course all of our customers and colleagues in UK go to the polls today! Aside from the televised debates, public sniping at each others policies, backgrounds, and even way candidates eat bacon sandwich’s, one of the things that’s captivated us all here at Walkbase has been the ways each of the parties has struggled, and strived to differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

This last week has seen most of the UK parties launch their manifestos in the hope to swing those all important votes their way when it comes to putting crosses in boxes today, so we thought it was about high time that we launched our own manifesto. The Walkbase Manifesto. 

Now obviously we aren’t going to be campaigning for your votes, but of course we are always looking for ways to show our retail & airport customers why a “vote for Walkbase is a vote for change/freedom/good/cake” (insert your own hyperbole)

So here goes, it’s party political broadcast time – Walkbase style.

The Walkbase Manifesto

Our promises to you, the retailer if you choose to put your confidence in Walkbase are:

1. We will use your existing store infrastructure (Wi-Fi, door counting tech, cameras etc) to ensure fast, cost efficient & scalable deployments

2. Walkbase In-store analytics will help you get to grips with footfall in your stores – whether it’s understanding how many new or returning customers are walking through the door each day, or following peak traffic times on an hourly basis

3. Never again will you have to wonder how long customers spend in your store. Dwell times in store, and in areas like your tills for queuing or your fitting rooms will help you better plan staffing rotas & store ops

4. Zones are the future. By building virtual zones throughout your properties we’ll provide valuable insights into customer journeys & browsing habits in your stores

5. Time is money – and we promise to enable you with real time analytics data, at the click of a button or swipe of a tablet

6. We recognise that it’s important to you to be able to measure customers across multiple channels & stores – so we promise to help you tie up on & offline traffic. As a bonus we’ll also show you whether customers visit your other stores or concessions

7. We’ll help you evaluate the success of your in-store displays & marketing whether that’s the best location for engagement, how many people view your collateral and most importantly whether they change your customers in store browsing behaviours & habits

8. We’ll give you new takes on conversion – no more do you have to struggle with total visitors vs transactions. We’ll show you conversion from different floors, zones & by new or returning customers 

9. Our heat maps are the perfect tool to help your store planners figure out the best layouts for each store and to test and measure them in a quick and easy to view format

10. We’ll do our utmost to help you deliver brilliant in store experiences, whether that’s through delivering in app messaging via our beacons, or it’s ensuring your store staff are armed with the right information to sell and serve at each stores peak times

So there we have it folks the 2015 Walkbase Manifesto – we’re not saying we’re going to change the world, or solve the economic crisis, but we are promising to enable all of our customers, and prospective customers with game-changing analytics & insights based on how people actually shop in their stores.

Remember a vote for Walkbase is a vote for change/good/hope/data/cake.

Enjoy election season 2015, and happy selling to all retailers. To continue the discussion or to hear more from us please check out our LinkedIn group – A new take on omnichannel conversion.

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