A strong company culture makes a great company

Elina Saarenmaa

– we’ve been growing and we’re still hiring!

Walkbase staff spring party

Our company has strong Finnish roots, and we are proud that Walkbase started as a spin-off from Åbo Akademi’s successful university project. Ambitious research and development activities in IoT technologies and indoor positioning were the basis of Walkbase’s success story. Today, Walkbase has grown into a global company – with a team spanning many different continents and with diverse backgrounds. 

It is inspiring to work with people all over the world, and we believe that building a sustainable company culture is vital, especially as we are growing and recruiting new employees. 

Company culture does matter

As important as it is for us to bring the best talent into the company, it is equally important to make sure everyone feels like they are in the right place. It is common knowledge that workers are more likely to enjoy their time in the workplace when they fit into the company culture. A strong company culture makes everyone strive for more. By taking good care of our people, we can reach our business targets and establish a balance between achieving our goals, developing our product in new, innovative ways, and enjoying ourselves at the same time!  

While everyone seems to enjoy themselves at work, I wanted to find out the details and talk to our latest recruits about how they have perceived the Finnish company, and what they think of Walkbase as a place to work.

Walkbase HQ

Welcome to the Walkbase family

Our Walkbase staff increased last year. Especially our UK headcount has grown. The newest addition to our sales team was Gareth Morgans-Mills, from whom I asked his thoughts about Walkbase – “The opportunity came along to work for Walkbase, about which I had heard only positive stories. When coming on board, I have learned a lot about how focusing on data has made Walkbase the leading IoT location platform. By adding a multitude of other data sources, we can tell the story of customer journeys and present it back to retailers in a format that’s easy to understand, enabling real business decisions. We answer customers' key questions about physical spaces, intelligence that used to be available only in the e-commerce world." 

I also asked Gareth why he likes to work at Walkbase – “Since starting at Walkbase it’s been like entering a new family, everyone has been so welcoming and supportive and driven toward that common goal of making Walkbase bigger and better than the previous day.”

Nice to have Gareth as a part of the family – and welcome Matt & Kevin, too! 

Our other British addition, Matt Cole, had contracted to Walkbase for around 18 months before he joined Walkbase at the end of 2016. Matt is working as a field-based Engineer for Implementation Team – “During my time contracting with Walkbase I found the company’s approach very refreshing and its technology interests me. Also, everyone within the company has been very welcoming and a pleasure to work with”.   

Lately we’ve also welcomed Kevin Hunter as US President to lead our North-American expansion. Kevin lives in San Diego, and due to different time zones, it’s challenging to be in touch during daily working hours. Despite the long distance, Kevin has got on board well – “It was very exciting to start working in such an innovative and inspiring company, who makes its excellent technology stand out worldwide”. 

Thanks to technology, the world nowadays feels like a small place, and everyone is reachable. To ease the communication across offices, we have been using Flowdock as a communication tool that tightens up all the interaction in the company across all the offices and continents. Not only do we discuss all the work related matters there, but also a lot of current topics and news around the world are discussed internally, not without the occasional funny memes.

Walkbase specialities

Luckily we don’t only communicate online – we meet each other in person too. Twice a year, we gather all the employees together for the legendary Walkbase staff party. The already traditional Walkbase-style party consists of unique Finnish ingredients. 

A day typically includes a (sports) activity and an overnight party at the atmospheric cottage a bit further away from the city centre. A good wood-heated sauna is a must, along with the  delicious local food and speciality beers, and other drinks (always including the awarded world-famous Finnish gin Napue and Finnish delicacy – Jallu. Of course, some good smoked whiskies, and I shouldn’t forget to mention Cohiba cigars in this part either). 

Particularly for foreigners coming to Finland and experiencing unique Finnish delicacies, ruralness and smoked saunas have been a very exotic experience so far.   

View from Walkbase HQ

Company culture is the personality of a company 

Every employee is an ambassador for our brand and community – and we are proud of them. Every Walkbase office has their own cultural peculiarities too. I mentioned some habits of the Turku office in the previous blog post last autumn. Just as in the Turku office, in the Walkbase HQ in Espoo, ping pong matches may turn into big rivals. 

Our Espoo offices are located above the Keilaniemi bay. The view over the sea is spectacular and always impresses our visitors as well as our staff. If you are around, you are always welcome to drop by and enjoy a cup of coffee. I can tell you that the coffee won’t run out, as good coffee is highly appreciated at this office. 

Our UK colleagues know that lunchtime is sacred in Finland at 12 pm. On regular days we all lunch together at Espoo. We enjoy tasty food around the hoods, and lunchtime is always a nice break for the day and time to socialise more with your peers.   

Walkbase Fridays are preparing you for the weekend. Every Friday at 3 pm our Friday music playlist starts playing all the weekend songs (and often it is a time to open a beer too).  


I predict that we don’t want to give up our traditions even though we are growing rapidly :) Stay tuned for our opening positions this spring!



Walkbase provides a retail analytics solution for improving the impact of marketing on physical stores and personalising in-store shopping experience.