Audience Capture and Marketing Solution

Enabling Personalization and Messaging with Location Intelligence

Audience Intelligence adds a CRM and marketing layer to Walkbase Analytics, enabling a deeper customer understanding and helping you communicate with your audience through a variety of channels.

Customers connect with Walkbase using a web portal sign-up on existing Wi-Fi access points or a mobile app with Walkbase’s SDK. Enabling you to leverage Wi-Fi as an extension of your loyalty program and for real-time marketing triggers.

Key Features

Basic Analytics
The fastest way to gain customer loyalty and learn visiting patterns by customer segments.

Collect Audience Data from Wi-Fi Logins and Sdk’s
Actionable audience and segment data from multiple sources, Walkbase is able to ingest data from existing Wi-Fi portals.

Connect Online and Offline Profiles
The ability to connect the eCommerce and in-store identities through common identifiers, such as email or phone number.

Create and discover personas that represent the different shopper profiles you have.

Create and manage multiple campaigns where location and persona based triggers are used to determine when messages should be delivered.

Appless Multi-Channel Engagement
Leverage mapped and matched profile Ids to engage via channels where the customer is most receptive. Including email, SMS, push notifications and 3rd-party marketing solutions.


The dashboard allows for easy management and creation of personas, campaigns and channels. Create real-time marketing messages that are triggered based on the rules and requirements you have configured, across multiple channels and track the effectiveness.


Walkbase can provide a full portal solution for your business, making it possible to build up your customer loyalty base and communicate with them through the tools provided in the dashboard. In addition it provides an added security layer for the operator, preventing unapproved online activities without first having agreed to the terms and services.


The Walkbase mobile SDK turns any mobile application into a location aware data collection point and a marketing channel. It also makes it possible to develop applications that react that interact with their location, via a message to the customer or an associate of the business they just entered.

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