Enterprise Level In-store Analytics Reporting

Understand How Customers Behave in Your Physical Space

Walkbase Analytics empowers retailers to make data-driven decisions, and adapt for best in-store sales performance and loyalty. By utilizing precise store-by-store metrics retailers are able to understand patterns and adjust accordingly.

At Walkbase, we are devoted to developing and delivering a state-of-the-art, yet lightweight and scalable in-store analytics solution for retailers to dramatically enhance decision making, and inform on customer behavior.

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Key Features

Robust and highly customizable dashboard
Get a complete overview of your locations and their performance, including departments and smaller areas.

Global, regional and local data views
Effortless viewing of KPI’s on varying levels of detail

Advanced filters to interact with the data
Enable filters to add focus on specific groups of visitors

Exporting and importing tools
Export data to excel and import marketing campaigns and events

Rich data integration
Integrate POS, staff or flight data, to gain a complete overview of your performance


Walkbase Analytics aggregates data from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth beacons, and other in-store sensor technology in to actionable insights. A customizable dashboard gives you a comprehensive summary of your stores and key APIs in one place.

Metrics include:

  • Footfall: new, repeat and total visits capture and bounce rates
  • Dwell times and paths
  • Loyalty, engagement, zone popularity power hours, visit frequencies
  • Path analysis
  • In-store sales funnel
  • Cross-shopping
  • Top and lowest performing stores analytics by zones and groups of zones


Walkbase Analytics customizable email reports let you package and deliver key metrics from the dashboard into a useful easily-accessible format. Flexible scheduling options let you specify report time frames and bench marking dates and the frequency of how often and when the email reports will be sent. Include third-party data such as POS and door counts in reports for a complete picture of your customers in-store behavior. Generate Extremely fast report generation even with large quantities of data being processed live. A full HTTP API.


By using intelligent machine learning, the Walkbase prediction engine can analyze a large number of simultaneous traffic flows and other data points, in real-time and historically. Generating predictions or forecasts of e.g. the amount of visitors for the next 30 minutes or next months sales, depending on the amount of data at its disposal.

The service is intended to help customers detect and avoid issues related to overcrowding, long lines and other external factors that lead to low customer satisfaction and declining sales. By listening to a large amount of data sources it can detect deviations that would be very difficult, if not impossible to do manually.

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